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Who am I?

Welcome to my page. It is incredibly difficult to write about yourself. Who am I? For thirty years I have tried to get an answer for that question.

I’m 35 years old. Born and raised in Kronoby, Finland in a family with a mom, dad, two brothers, one sister, fifty cats, a couple of thousand hens and hundreds of turkeys. In a village where everyone knows everyone and almost better than themselves.  Yes, as you can hear I was born in the country, and that is something I am very grateful for. Grateful to have grown up in the countryside. Then it perhaps was not so interesting, but today I see it as a wealth to have that background in the back pocket. I sometimes think when I walk around in town and see all the youngsters on the street eating fast food and talking in their phones and I compare it with my childhood when you were somewhere in a ditch or in some tractor and played and mom had to call around to everyone in the village to seek me and try to get me home for dinner.