About me

Who is Kaj?

Welcome to my page. Describing oneself is undeniably challenging. Who am I? For over thirty years, I’ve been on a quest to answer that very question.

I’m now 40 years old, hailing from a quaint Finnish town where family meant mom, dad, two brothers, one sister, around fifty cats, a couple of thousand hens, and a hundred turkeys. It’s a tight-knit village where familiarity reigns. I was born in the countryside, a fact I’m profoundly grateful for. While perhaps not the most exciting back then, today I consider it a treasure to have that rustic upbringing in my repertoire. I often find myself comparing it to today’s urban youth hanging out, eating fast food, and glued to their phones. Back in my childhood, we’d be out in ditches or on someone’s tractor, lost in play, and my mom would have to canvass the whole village to summon me for dinner.

During my upbringing, I always felt a bit on the fringes. I had my close friends, but my interests always set me apart, and I rarely shared my activities. While my friends engaged in sports and jammed to the latest pop tunes, I was at home, humming along to Lotta Engberg’s melodies. Quite the trendsetter, right?

Life has bestowed upon me numerous opportunities. I now work as a freelancer and a course secretary, having spent two decades in the world of newspapers and magazines, alongside a multitude of other ventures. My path has led me to interact with diverse cultures, wearing various hats – be it in media, education, coaching, or the realm of food. Speaking of which, I absolutely adore testing recipes from all over the world and from different time periods, uncovering culinary treasures that span the globe and history.


Temporary Secretarian – Kronoby Medborgarinstitut 1.8.2023-Present

Job Coach – EduJob Kronoby 15.9.2021-02.2023

  • Guided and coached jobseekers in their pursuit of employment.
  • Assisted in crafting effective CVs and job applications.

Freelancer 01.11.2017-Present

  • Provided marketing services for various companies in a freelance capacity.
  • Produced videos and engaged in copywriting.

Marketing Coordinator – Oy Kurirens förlag Ab, Vasa 01.1.2019-Present

  • Revitalized the 60-year-old Kuriren magazine, resulting in increased sales, reduced costs, and overall improved performance.
  • Responsibilities encompassed layout design, strategic planning, and sales initiatives.

ENTREPRENEUR – KAJ LINDH-MEDIA, Kronoby 2.10.2012-Present

  • Collaborated with businesses to enhance their marketing efforts.
  • Specialized in video production and website design.
  • Contributed to magazine layout design.

Associate IT Support Consultant – UNIT4, Wroclaw, Poland 05.2017-11.2017

  • Supported UNIT4 Agresso ERP system for Nordic countries, England, and Ireland.

HSS-MEDIA 05.08.2005-2015

  • Served as a media producer and graphic designer.
  • Took on the role of food editor.
  • Engaged in media sales and marketing activities.

AB ÖSTERBOTTNINGEN 04.04-05.08 Karleby

  • Worked as a Media Producer.