Do you want help with you CV?

Once a week I will help someone write a resume. I will guide you through the process.

Who am I?
My name is Kaj. I live in Finland. I have been helping people apply for jobs, writing resumes, applications, etc for a couple of years. I have been working on a project called EduJob. It has been a fun and meaningful project, and I feel that I want to continue in some way.

How do I get free help?
Write about yourself in the form and about your work situation. Once a week, I select one person that I will help. I can help in English and Swedish.

When I have selected the person, I will contact you and book a session. I will also do a follow-up later.

Everything is totally free. I won’t charge anything for this. Your information won’t be shared with anyone.

You can also buy my service. Please send an email about that

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