Now and then I apply for one of the Buzzador campaigns. Sometimes I get approved for some campaign and I have to write a review about the product.

A few weeks ago I got a invitation to try the Philips Wape-Up Light. I have been thinking of getting one of these for a long time, but have not been quite sure if it works for me.

The Philips Wake-up Light HF3519 have a bunch of features that will help you easally fall asleep and wake up full of energy.

Fall asleep with the dimming light that works like a sunset simulation. With the use of light therapy used when you go to sleep, you prepare your body for the night by gradually reducing light.

Sunrise simulation wakes you up naturally
The light gradually increases over a 30-minute period, just like at a real sunrise. The color changes from soft dawn red and orange to bright yellow. The process of increasing light causes the body to wake up naturally, and when the light has filled the entire room, complemented by natural sounds that complete the awakening process, you will be ready for the day to come.

Choose from five different natural wake-up sounds
During the wake-up time you have set, a natural wake-up sound is played. The volume of the selected sound gradually increases to the level you have selected within 1.5 minutes. You can choose from five different sounds: Forest Birds, Buddha, Yoga, Ocean Waves, and Nepal Bowls.

My review

It was was easy setting up the alarm. First alarm I tried was birds singing. In the morning it felt like the birds were screaming in my ears and the light was way too bright. I really had to adjust those things. You snooze the alarm by touching the light.

I tried again by lowering the sound of the birds. I did not wake up with the alarm that morning. My favorite alarm was Nepal bowls.

The settings buttons are located on the front of the light and the alarm, light, and radio buttons are located around the light. The buttons around the light are very difficult to find especially if you have to find them when you are tired. The lamp is not very stable. So many times the light has rolled over and I have had to catch it so it doesn’t roll on the floor.

So after using it for two weeks. Do I wake up full of energy? No, I don’t. I feel like I need to put this light far away from the bed instead. I don’t like waking up with the light in my face.

The radio is nothing that I use a lot. The speaker feels very 1980. I rather have some Bluetooth and a better speaker cause I sometimes like listening to music when I go to bed.

Overall this product feels very cheap and plastic. Maybe it is good for some, but not for me.

The only time I felt like the light was good, was in the evening when I was reading and I could control the brightness. That was more relaxing for my eyes than having the bed lights on.

I give this lamp 3 out of 5 stars.