I have together with Bosch had the opportunity to test the new Bosch Unlimited 8 (BSS821VNE4). A rechargeable vacuum cleaner that should be as powerful as a regular vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner has an improved battery that promises up to 65 minutes of use. Power Plus battery from Bosch comes with 33% more energy along with compact design, increased efficiency, and longer life.

Vacuum cleaners have an automatic function that adapts to the floor surface. The vacuum cleaner detects if you e.g. vacuum a carpet. The engine has a warranty period of 10 years.

Included in the package are four different nozzles.

The floor nozzle has a rotating brush that you can easily remove and clean. It also comes with a nozzle for furniture, one for cramped spaces such as. in the car between the seats and a nozzle that you can e.g. vacuum computer keyboards.

The vacuum cleaner has a small container with a filter that you can easily clean

What do I think?

My first thought when I grabbed the machine is that it feels stable and of good quality. It looks quite large but not heavy.

What I like about this machine is the battery. I can use the same battery for other Bosch tools. I am a little hesitant about the 65 minutes of battery life that they promise. When I had vacuumed around a bit in the living room and the sofa, the battery lever already showed 1 out of 3 lines. So I thought I had gone fast.

I like the brush. It collects dust and cat hair very well. There are two cats in my house and I often have to vacuum the sofa. What I have noticed to is that sometimes when I vacuum carpets or the sofa, the brush stops. Then it only sucks. Maybe this is due to. the auto function? When I turn off the vacuum cleaner and on again, it starts to spin.

The long pipe is great in the car between the seats. It is long and flexible.

Only dust and crumbs fit through the pipes.

The fourth nozzle is excellent on furniture. Although I liked the floor nozzle on the couch best because it picked up the cat hair better.


Bosch Unlimited 8 is really handy. You can easily get under the sofa and the bed. The first impression of the brush is that it feels big and clumsy, but it was flexible and handy.

I also like the LED lighting on the brush. You see the dust much better. Thanks to this lighting, I also saw how much hair actually comes from my four-legged friends. The next day it could be just as much on the floor again.

Proof that the vacuum cleaner really does its job can be seen in the dust container and the filter. Even the finest cat hair is sucked up and stuck in the filter.

You open the container with a button.

Another good thing is that you don’t have any cable and hose that hangs behind. It is easy to vacuum the stairs. Just take it out of the car. Just to make sure it is charged.

You can attach the charger that came with it to the wall. In the charger, you can also attach all the pieces so that they are gathered in one place.

The price in the store is 599 euros. A juicy price, but still affordable.